Fun Secret Google Codes Or Easter Eggs

You will need the Google browser, so if you have Bing, Yahoo or any other browser's simply type in your search box "Google" and click where it says "official website …" or "search the world information …", this will take you to the browser directly without having to download Google as your default browser.

You can find fun codes or Easter eggs within any browser's, with patience and time in your hands. Programmer's leave signature codes all over the internet. I will be using Google as an example, but rest assure that there are great ones in Yahoo, Bing and any where else you can think of.

I always suspected that Google had great fun codes for anyone to find. Looking for these type of key words is time consuming and frankly I would not be searching for them unless someone tells me of it's existence. Here are six cool Easter eggs for you to check out.

# 1. In the Google search box, type in "Google Gravity" then click on the first link at the top that says "Google Gravity – Mr.doob". You will see that your whole page will collapse on itself after moving your mouse. This really has no practical use, but you still can make an impression with friends and family.

# 2. In Google search box, type in "Google Sphere", Click on the first link at the top and watch everything move in a circular motion. With this code, search any website and try to hit the "Search Image" button to see your results. You will need some skill just to click on the search results.

# 3. In Google search box, type in "Google Annoying", click on the first link on top. Nothing amazing, just that words are upper and lower cases with colors. Who ever left this signature was not aiming for the stars.

# 4. Type in "tilt" or "askew" and your window will tilt to the right like the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy.

# 5. Type in "Google Mirror", click on the first link and watch everything in reverse like in a mirror.

# 6. Type in "Do a roll" or "Do a barrel roll". These last two will work only if you have a fast computer with high speed connection. Your web page will make a complete 360 ​​degree turn.

There are many more secret codes or Easter eggs in the internet. You can search them in your own browser if interested and tell your friends about it.

Source by Frank Zanfino

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